We MAy Be Fractured

A Queer YA coming-of-age with a touch of romance that explores ​the complexities of love, identity, grief, and the true meaning of ​home.

Eighteen-year-old Aaron is on the brink of fleeing London for ​Australia, hoping to honour his late sister’s dream. But on the eve of ​his departure, a community service sentence derails his plans, pulling ​him into an unintentional journey of self-discovery.

As Aaron navigates love, comes to terms with his demisexuality, and ​redefines the true meaning of home, he finds that sometimes, the ​most challenging journeys are the ones that lead us back to ​ourselves.

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Community service

Set in London

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Demisexual/Biromantic mc


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Slow burn

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Meet the characters

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Aa​ron Walsh

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Running, binge-watching TV series in one night, the color black, the smell of peppermint tea


Cooking, coffee, colours, Autumn,

his scars, gifts

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"I focus on other details. Initially, ​I thought it was a curse, but ​being colour-blind taught me that ​even when we look at the same ​thing, it's possible to see it ​differently."

Landon Bailey

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“I’m more than a few labels. I’m more ​than a name, a gender, an ethnicity, ​a sexual orientation, a nationality, or ​a job title. I contain multitudes. I’m a ​mix of everything and nothing, all at ​once.”


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the battery’s ​gone

AfraiD of the dark?

not at all.

Well, it works both ways: you can’t see others, and they can’t see you,

And here’s a fun ​fact: people ​who are colour ​blind see better ​in the dark.”

Afraid of what ​you can’t see, ​are you?


Is it the dark you fear, or is it … me?”


You’ve never ​scared me.

Your heart’s racing

You’re not the psycho people say you are. But you seem to like that idea, or maybe you want it.

Your heart’s going fast too.

What are you afraid of?

can i?

can you what?

Kill me and hide ​my body in ​these ruins?

kiss you.

I only accept ​binary answers.

Can I kiss you? ​Yes or no?”


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Camden Town

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Book Locations

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Regent’s Canal

Greenwich Meridian

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live chat

Early readers' comments

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“Saying I was hooked would be putting it ​mildly. When I wasn't nose-deep in the ​pages, I was practically counting down ​the minutes until I could dive back into ​the story. It's like, the plot just kept me ​guessing. And your characters? They ​grabbed hold of my heart right from ​the get-go. It was like going on this wild ​emotional ride that I never wanted to end. ​The love story was like nothing I've ever ​read before. I mean, seriously, it had ​me all in my feels. There wasn't a single ​dull moment in the whole book.”

I finished it very quickly and the ​chapters didn't feel too long. The ​story was incredibly intriguing ​and I found it difficult to put ​the book down.

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I was moved by Landon and ​Aaron's romance, particularly ​throughout chapter 21. Their ​romance felt real, and I could ​imagine them as real people ​with real battles to fight, while ​trying to come together in love ​and acceptance.

It was beautiful to read.

Which chapter resonated with you the most, and why?

It wasn’t a long one, but I think it was

Chapter 32 - STAY

In that chapter a lot of things came to light, the non-alcoholic drinks, the way they felt about each

other, beginning to figure out what it meant to be together and supportive. But they were also

seeking therapy for themselves and making sure they had the tools to help themselves.

All of that really spoke to me and who I grew into as a gay man — it was until I was able to do those things that I finally felt ready for a relationship, and that’s when I met the man who became my husband, so to me it made a special connection to my life.

Highlight line

While I often read books that contain romance, more often than not I find romance storylines in books cringey and unnecessary. Aaron and Landon's romance felt authentic, and I enjoyed seeing their relationship progress as they figured themselves out and fought their battles. The slow-burning passion they had for each other felt genuine, and the tension built around their first kiss was enticing.

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