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Building ​Moneybox ​Mortgage Advice


Moneybox is committed to helping people save and invest for their future. It made ​sense to introduce a mortgage service as Moneybox already supports customers in ​saving for their first home through a Lifetime ISA. When I joined the company in 2021, I ​saw the team forming and played a part in launching Moneybox Mortgage Advice. ​This in-app service aims to help users find the perfect mortgage for different housing ​requirements, be it buying a first home, a subsequent one, or remortgaging.

The beginning…

When the Moneybox home-buying team first began to tackle the world of mortgages, ​we knew we wanted our customers to be able to complete their mortgage application ​from start to finish all from within the app.

First up, the Mortgage In Principle (MIP), which is an official estimate from a mortgage ​lender confirming that, in principle, they would lend you a certain amount as a ​mortgage. We stripped this process down to the core questions that were legally ​required within a MIP, making the process a lot more digestible for the customer.

We chose to show one question per screen and organised them into five meaningful ​sections:

  • Personal details
  • Eligibility
  • Income
  • Outgoings
  • Mortgage details

To help make the process even smoother for our customers, we pre-populated some of ​the answers with information already known to us, like personal details.

From a UI perspective, we made use of our input components in order to take ​advantage of elements we’ve previously designed and built. These were all part of our ​Design System.

The form itself made use of micro-interactions to elevate progress throughout the ​application. It visually scrolls down as soon as the customer completes their answer, ​and has the previously answered question appearing at the top. Tapping on that section ​of the screen will lead you back to the appropriate question.

To further highlight progress, we also introduced a progress bar right below the ​navigation to showcase percentage of completion. We worked really closely with ​developers in order to achieve the right balance between a user friendly UI and a ​seamless technical implementation.

Good user experience doesn’t translate into visuals only. As ​designers, we look at the entire process, and this also extends to ​screen copy.”

At Moneybox, our tone of voice is simple, engaging and easy to understand, so we ​always opt for a friendly language. We also worked with our team of mortgage advisers ​to ensure the right terminology was used throughout the flow.

Finally, to make sure we were catering for our customer’s busy lives, we built a ‘save & ​exit’ functionality to allow for information to be completed at different points in time. ​This also helps if customer’s don’t have all of their information at hand at the time of ​starting a new MIP.

At the end of the MIP journey, customers wait a few short seconds for their Mortgage ​In Principle details to be calculated and are entertained with a fun lottie animation, ​before being presented with their estimate certificate.

The customer’s MIP application (or offer) can be accessed at any time in-app in the ​Accounts > Mortgages tab. After receiving and reviewing their MIP, they will have the ​option to choose between a phone call or an in-app chat with a Moneybox mortgage ​adviser. We believe that giving customers more than one option to choose from will ​help better accommodate their needs.

We then track the customer’s journey through their mortgage application with updated ​copy at each milestone stage, keeping customers informed of their progress.

Testing our assumptions

Ahead of any new service or app release, it’s important we test new in-app journeys ​with our beta customers to understand feedback and make any improvements ​necessary.

The objective for this beta testing was:

  • Get a feel of how intuitive the questions were
  • How lengthy the application perceived to be
  • Understand if the progress bar was noticeable and helpful
  • Confirming that having one question per screen made the flow easier to digest

What we learned

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✅ The level of questions felt appropriate: All participants were comfortable answering all the ​questions presented in the MIP.

✅ It was quick and easy to apply: All participants felt the application was very easy to complete ​and were positively surprised about how quick and easy the process was.

😕 Visual progress was good enough: All participants noticed the progress bar at the top and ​felt it didn’t positively or negatively impact their application.

✅ The level of questions felt appropriate: All participants were comfortable answering all the ​questions presented in the MIP.

❌ People were not familiar with MIP terminology: All participants were not familiar with the ​“Mortgage in Principle” terminology and would prefer to get more information upfront.

✅ The order of questions made sense: All participants found the order of the sections logical

💬 People prefer chatting: All participants expressed their preference in chatting vs. arranging a ​callback, mostly because they felt they could get an immediate reply.

✅ People are comfortable applying in-app: All participants were comfortable with starting a ​mortgage application from their mobile phone, especially if the application was well designed ​and only takes a few minutes to get started.

🤩 The UI felt friendly: All participants praised the intuitive and clean interface and were ​delighted by the graphics.

🤔 The save and exit option wasn’t clear: Participants didn’t understand that closing the ​application would save it. They were also expecting a back button on the top left corner and not ​an “X”.

✏️ People requested an easy way to make changes to their application: All participants would ​expect to be able to edit each individual section rather than having to go through the whole ​application again.

ℹ️ People would prefer helpful context in-place: Even though participants said the questions ​were clear, there was a suggestion to explain further some of the questions, such as ​government schemes.

Turning feedback into actions

We shared the results with the wider team and incorporated the feedback to improve ​the prototype even further:

  • We created different introduction screens with a better visual and an explanation ​of the process, including MIP terminology.
  • We added extra content on the screens related to government schemes in order to ​offer education to people who are not familiar with the terminology, as well as a ​refresher for people who already know about them.
  • Even though we were already offering the ability to quit the journey and resume it. ​later on, based on the feedback we enhanced our approach and replaced the icon ​with the text “Save & Exit”.
  • The beta testing sessions highlighted the importance of having the ability to review ​and edit all the answered questions, so we introduced a completely new screen to ​account for this.


We rolled out Moneybox Mortgage Advice In February 2022 to all Moneybox ​customers and it’s been great to see so many people begin their mortgage journey with ​us.

Great design is the iteration of good design, and this is only ​possible through great collaboration from team members and ​feedback from our customers.”

While there is always room for iteration and improvement, we’re proud to have created ​a full in-app mortgage application experience that is functional, easy to use and that will ​help many people achieve their home ownership goals.

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