Hello, I amJessica!

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I am constantly brimming with creativity and have a ​deep passion for bringing ideas to life in any form

Designing for

AI-generated Chats

As AI-generated chats become more popular, ​people expect conversations to be both dynamic ​and engaging.

Building Moneybox ​Mortgage Advice

A full in-app service to help find a mortgage that’s ​right for you.

Helping the ‘credit ​invisible’ customers

A set of credit tools for Monese customers who ​are either credit invisible or have a poor credit ​score.

Monzo Gambling ​Block

In 2018 we researched, developed and ​launched a feature that allows our ​customers to block gambling transactions.

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Other ​projects

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About me

Although I have a bachelor degree in Japanese 🇯🇵 Language and ​Culture, I’ve always been passionate about design and eventually ​managed to make a living out of it.

I like travelling a lot as I do believe that visiting different places and ​learning about new cultures can truly open your vision. Infact, I’ve ​been lucky enough to have experienced life in some awesome places. ​Born in Boston (USA) 🇺🇸 and raised in sunny Naples (Italy) 🇮🇹, I’ve ​been living in Kyoto 🇯🇵 for 3 months, over one year in Enschede ​(Netherlands)🇳🇱, 5 months in Bonn (Germany) 🇩🇪 and I’m currently ​based in London (UK) 🇬🇧 where I work as a Senior Product Designer ​leveraging the power of AI in user-centric chats @Cleo AI.

When it comes to design, the most important thing to know about ​is that it involves other people. Great products can’t happen because ​of just one single person’s contribution. They are instead the result of ​collaboration between different roles within a company. I’ve written ​quite a few articles on the topic, especially about devs ❤ designerscollaboration. I’m also a hardcore Design Systems advocate and ​contributed both code-wise and design-wise to the carwow live ​styleguide.

When I'm not designing or writing novels, I’m on a quest to master ​the art of sourdough bread, occasionally dabble in crafting jewellery, ​and fulfil my duties as the chief tin opener for my two cats.